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Learning the Ropes

My YouTube gaming channel is beginning to grow and it’s like they said; build it and they will come. It’s just a matter of making A LOT of videos and keeping it up. I’m learning, I’m getting better, and I can see that this is a real thing that I can do. I don’t even have to be YouTube Partner to run video ads and I can see that the revenue is all about growing an audience. It’s exciting.

I’m not a natural performer and it’s been a slow and frustrating road. I love watching YouTube, but I’m also very impatient with other people’s crap. I know what I hate about other people’s videos and I’m trying not to make those mistakes. But when I watch my own videos they just don’t seem good enough to me. I know that the only way to get better at anything is to make a lot of stuff, most of which will be crap.  I can’t dwell for too long on a video, it’s better to get it made and steadily improve.

It’s easy to find the courage by watching other YouTubers and other performers in general. I was listening to Conan O’Brien on The Nerdist podcast and he was so inspirational. That podcast inspires me a lot because it all about enduring as a performer. It takes courage and stubbornness.  You can’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself. YouTube is still young, it’s just picking up speed as a real media platform. I’m not too late, I’m right on time (fashionably late) for this party.

Keeping a blog is part of the routine and I’m not in love with it. But I’m sure I’ll get better at this too. It’s important to keep a blog linking your YouTube videos. Links are important. Comments, and likes, and subscribers, and views, and shares are important. Twitter and Facebook are important. Brand is important. This is a passion that must be worked like a professional job. It will be so much easier when I don’t have to worry about classes. All I want to do is this.

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